Now the city inspector came out, red tagged our wheel chair lift because it broke down shortly after smart rise elevator service repaired it. we signed up for a monthly service contract. after the thing waas red tagged from city inspector, smart rise still sends an invoice for $135.00 a month to service our wheel chair lift. well, how can they be servicing it, if it still has the red tag shut down notice from the city inspector right?. | Well, that’s what thry are doing. they said they came out and. serviced our wheel cahir lift with the red tag on it. I have a very very!! detailed surveillance system, and the time they claim to have serviced our lift, no one was even near it. if you use this company. after reading this, then you deserve to get scammed.


  • Name: Smartrise Elevator
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Santa Fe Springs
  • Address: 13535 Larwin Cir
  • Phone: 1 562-921-0040
  • Website: