Smith Loan Assistance ? Andrew Hudson Attempted to defraud me. Internet!!. I am 82 years old and have never used a payroll loan service in my life. I would encourage anyone being harrased by this fraudulent firm to report them. The following is the latest in a series of emails trying to extort money from me. Despite our previous reminder(s), we still have not received any payment or answer from you. Therefore, we regret to inform you that if we do not obtain the payment of $845.67 in full before 09/22/2019 (deadline), we will have no other alternatives but to undertake court actions against you in order to retrieve the debt amount for Cash Advance USA. Should your payment not be received in full within the next seven days starting from 09/15/2019 to 09/22/2019 (deadline), immediate court actions will take place. We would advise to treat this matter with urgency and we believe you will not ignore this final reminder. To save you the inconvenience of court actions, w

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