A day of fun on Wixom lake shure takes a sudden turn for the worse after your gas tank is filled with water. The fact that you drove an hour to get there usually doesn’t cross your mind until you realise what really happened and what you thought was just bad luck and a fouled plug turns into having the fuel system drained and the hidden damage that running water through an engine causes in the overall life of the engine! Then you call the business and they call you a liar like you would put water in your own boat, and to what proffit to me!! NONE! However the profit to them was huge as other boaters were leaving with the same issues. Have you ever tried to dock a boat that keeps stalling? If you have, you will understand the danger that this places consumers and their families in! The Owners at Smith’s Landing are discpicable!!

5106 Dundas Rd. Beaverton, Michigan USA

989 435-3050