So i went into this smokers vapor store to make a return on a defective tank it was leaking all over the place ruined a $110 pair of pants of my girlfriends, how do i know its defective? A. i took it to a guy who wishes to remain anonymous that used to work there, hes a expert on how smokers vapor scams people like this among many other scams they have going such as a Federal investigation on the owner of smokers vapor because she claims to be a disabled veteran is claiming disability, well she also is claiming all the proceeds from the store while claiming disability using a loop hole, anyway back to the matter and hand my buddy told me its a defective tank there’s a manufacturing defect try and take it back. I already knew this because of the fact it leaked all over my car and girlfriends pants. anyway she attempted to take it back and have it repaired a guy whom i will clarify his name and add it later basically in her words “screwed it un screwed it and put it back together”” gave a bunch of lame a** excuses and said try it again. Thinking she was still in the 30 day warranty period she brought it home again low and behold it began to leak all over the place again. so this time i cleaned it out as i didint want it leaking all over my compartments and brought the piece of trash back to the store in box with all the original parts with the receipt not more than 7 days old

i asked for a refund under the policy and Mike a very rude unhelpful associate immediately said we don’t do refunds without first asking what was wrong i went and explained to situation that it was a manufacturing defect still he would not accept it he became very rude and irate quickly hastily filled it with some of smokersvapor legendary garbage liquid screwed everything together so tightly that he ended up breaking the seals

and slammed it down yelling about how it was no longer leaking at this point i said screw it these people are just idiots ill take my problems to the higher levels if they are anymore incompetent. anyway driving home i had the tank in my motorcycle compartment within the 8 mile ride home the tank leaked all over everything in my compartment and ruined everything in it i will be taking inventory including the pants and all of my compartment items ruined and ifnecessary filing a lawsuit since MIKE decided to fill the tank that i had originally empty and cleaned so it would not LEAK all over my compartment. since MIKE decided the tank was not leaking and decided to fill the tank AGAINST my wishes he is liable for what it ruined. n 5/19/15 I have since this time contacted a attorney who has signed on my side with this case and will be pressing forward with a lawsuit. They should know that all of this could have been avoided by just giving a 37.12 refund for a defective itemif a company can not stand being the items they sell they should be closed. any othe smoke shop would refund or replace the item on the spot. dont listen to what they say to some smoke shops returning customers are more important than scamming them”

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