I read an ad off of social media about this diet pill product. There was a trial offer for a little under $5 (shipping cost). I purposely read any fine print or information about anything else that might be charged, any details, etc. There was little to no additional information in the fine print regarding any additional charges, cancellation warnings, etc. A few weeks after receiving the sample my card was charged $92.45. When I called to inquire about the charge, I was told it was because I didn’t cancel in time and so they charged me the "full price of the product." Again, there was NO information where I ordered the trial on having to cancel within a certain time, what would be charged, etc. They are not advertising fully or including all the information, and so without any information on where or how to cancel, and what will happen if you don’t, they charge you ridiculous amounts. They supposedly cancelled my trial but I am not sure if additional charges will come or not. AVOID THIS!!