Here’s the facts: Yes I was late on a payment but the military was Not paying me due to a discrepancy on there end (Not mine ) I spoke to SNAAC a few months ago and let them know of my situation and that I am leaving the country for around 3 months. I set up automatic payments and never thought about it again. Upon my return I was made aware by navy federal that all three of the payments were declined due to an excess of what the balance was. Basically I couldn’t pay double what I had planned budgeted for. At this time I was get harassing phone calls , companies had shown up to my house in an attempt to to take the car, and all of my family had been contacted by them demanding payment. For one are you guys for real ? And who in the hell calls my wattage sister for collections. When I contacted them I made them aware that it was illegal to repossess an active duty servicemens property without a adjudicated court order. They declined and said they didn’t need one , and that they always follow guidelines. I asked them to please educate there team and I would contact my attorney as a next step if additional repossession efforts have been made. I made arrangements to pay the balance and will be looking to refinance through an outside company very soon. Honestly I hope you guys get another lawsuit clearly you do not follow the law nor do you respect military members enough. Feel free to respond I’ll be updating the website as this story unfolds


  • Name: SNAAC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Mason
  • Address: 6951 Cintas Blvd
  • Phone: (866) 500-2544
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