I installed 6 gift displays in 6 different CVS stores in Virginia for this contract company. It took me approximately 15 hours to complete the project and more hours to fill out their reports online. I submitted my work one week ahead of the deadline to be paid to ensure I was paid for that month, as they only pay once a month. Quality control repeatedly rejected my work which was unfounded. They said I submitted the wrong pictures and wanted me to revisit these stores which were all over 40 miles away which I did. They would approve the invoices and then they would go back and pull the invoices that had been approved earlier and deny the work again. The portal showing invoices paid was always incorrect. They tried telling me they had paid me for my work as the portal showed payment dates for the month before on invoices they had rejected that month. Two months have passed and I have yet to receive payment in full for countless hours of laborious work. I was passed from one department to the next and ultimately the blame was passed to QC which refused to approve the invoices. Unless you like to do hard work that takes forever and not get paid for it, I would avoid this company.

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