Cristal Criswell: owner of SecondWind Fitness, and alleged “personal trainer” at Snap Fitness is a notorious home-wrecker, pathological liar, and sociopath. This woman totally insane, and she will lie about anything and everything. If Crystal tells you that it is Saturday, then you better check your calender to make sure, because 9 times out of 10, she will NOT be telling you the truth. Crystal lies, and lies, and lies, and lies some more. Crystal is also notorious bed-hopper, who loves nothing more than having affairs with married men. She is the epitome of In-bred West Virginian White Trash. So to ALL the married woman out there in Proctorville, OH and Huntington, WV: Lock-up your husbands, lock-up your sons…Crystal is on “the hunt” for ANY man that she can get her hands on. She has had several illigitmate childen, 4th Husbands, and she is after ANY man who shows her attention. She is what most guys like to refer to as a: “sure thing.” Crystal had an affair with my husband after he met her at our former gym.(Snap Fitness) She was working as a “personal trainer,” and needless to say, she worked more out than my husband’s muscles. She did all this with my husband just moments after meeting me and all 3 of my childen. She smiled to my face, and as soon as we were gone, she made her move. Crystal Criswell has NO LOW. She is the epitome of unprofessional, and the epitome of a classless home-wrecker. My husband and I have 3 childen all under 8 yrs of age and we are now in the middle of a divorce thanks to Crystal Criswell’s “professional services.” Crystal has forever ruined my family. Lets just face it: I guess when your parents name you after a cheap rock (“Crystal”) then I guess you don’t have much of a chance, other than being a sleezy home-wrecker. She needs to go back down the coal mine where she belongs, and stay there. The world would be a safer place for married men and their familes. Thanks for all you did Crystal. Keep it classy girl! I have linked a photo of Crystal to this report so that everyone will know what this pathological home-wrecker looks like. For the life of me, I can’t see how she gets any ingle men, much less married address removed by admin)/

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