This weirdo who calls himself Snoop was having an affair with my partner of 4 years for months and even had the audacity to speak on my children. Somewhere in NJ but claiming California, this guy is a desperate, washed up, creep. He knew about all of my personal business as well as bragging about having naked pictures of my fiance and making plans to be around my children. Phone records and more information was given to me to confirm this affair. She had been acting different and accusing me of things constantly for weeks which was a red flag but I paid it no mind considering this woman was the love of my life. In order to stop me from finding out she even went as far as to get a restraining order on me and keep me away from our children. She embarrassed me in public, tried to tarnish my name, have me thrown in jail and played the innocent role in the courtroom which resulted in me being screwed. She actually laughed in my face, I haven’t seen my infant son or our daughters in months. I will miss precious time with them that I can’t get back and obviously this is a big joke to these two disgusting peasants┬ábecause their relationship continues. I did not go crazy when I found out, I just wanted answers but she refused to talk to me so I just disappeared. I ended up doing my research and behold, this guy is on NJ Craigslist in the personals with a fetish for boy booty and transexuals. I am beyond hurt, this whole thing has ruined my outlook on life, my outlook on women and my faith in Love. It takes two people to tear apart a home, but someone who takes pride in it is more disgusting than the act itself.