I was reminded that Jamey is still out there in Miami acting like a big shot like he did in Orlando and it made me think I needed to say something to protect people from this liar. Jamey Kolka is a phony – spent years in Orlando conning and scamming people as he jumped from job to job as a “big time”” promoter to a “”big time”” real estate guy. Before bolting Orlando because he was disliked

he first tried to get people (and me) to invest money in a scheme that was blown up and no investors reimbursed. He then “”borrowed”” money from multiple people and ran to Miami. Nobody I know was paid back that I know of. One person thinks Jamey stole $200 cash from their condo before leaving – sounds about right. He never had a real job but lived at 55 West one of the nicer buildings in Orlando. This guy is a fake – don’t believe him – don’t trust him and don’t fall for his BS.”

540 Arthur Godfrey Rd Miami , Florida USA