Sobriety experience The sober experience Sheath house Scottsdale jack Byrd Insurance fraud rent theft deposit scam Scottsdale Arizona!!. Insurance fraud. Rent scam and more This jack Byrd guy owns a bunch these upscale flop homes in the Scottsdale area he is in the business of selling beds squeezing every penny out of you and your family he can then tossing you on the streets so he can keep all the money and resell The bed. He is very nice over the phone but once he as your rent money and deposit which you/nobody will ever get back and insurance info forget about it the so called house managers are felons and are very intimidating threatening and verbally abusive. I myself and 4 other individuals got kicked out for no reason the one month I was there. They ask for 300$ deposit and as much rent money as they can squeeze out of you at a time. I’ve seen and heard him on the phone con parents into paying a month in advance and only for those residen

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