SoCal auto body accepted my custom 1957 Chevy 210 in September 2013 for a complete paint job. The owner Robbie Brand, walked the car and quote me a price, and it was very fair for what he proposed. I November of 2013 he requested me to send him $2,000.00 to get started, which I gave him. I had many text conversations with him about paint colors and style for car, and asked for progress report July 2014 and he said “they can start working on it, been super busy” In July of 2014 I was asked what color I wanted, and I decided to do house of color pearl orange PBC-64 Shimrin, and his response was “I like that.” I made a personal visit to his shop December 2014, to ask if he was still interested in doing my car? He assured me that right after the holidays that he and his crew were getting on it, and at that time I offered to pick it up, to have someone else do the car. Again, he said they would get right on it. | March 7th 2015, requested a status report, no response…March 18th 2015, requested status report, he said “no, not yet, but things are starting to slow down, should be able to start in a couple of weeks.” April 21st 2015, requested status report, he said “Nothing yet man, sorry.” Again on April 22nd I offered to come get the car, no hard feelings, to move forward. May 31st notified Robbie I am going to come get it if he is not interested, he responded “We are going to get it real soon.” June 17th 2015 asked for status report, he said “we are working on it, I will send you some pics.” Never got any… Asked me for paint color again in July 2015, gave it to him with pic, and no response. I sent a friend by his shop, since its 6 hrs from my house in August 2015 and car still sitting in same spot with no work done on it. I then let Robbie Brand know that I would be there to pick up my car on August 12th 2015, and of course he wasn’t there. The car was filthy, black widows infested the underside, the new black chrome rims have body shop waste and hard water all over them, passenger window is broke, and optima battery shot from full discharge. I took my car home, to clean/fumigate and try to understand why this happened? I then requested Robbie Brand to return my $2.000.00 deposit, that was for paint materials, that were not given to me by his employees. His response was ” Ya no problem, let me add the storage days, and I will get back to you!!!” BEWARE of this guy at this shop, he has no consideration for customers or their property. All I wanted was to get my custom car painted…such B.S.


  • Name: SoCal Auto Body
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Barstow
  • Address: 28745 US Hwy 58
  • Phone: (760) 307-5147
  • Website: