Complaint: After I was hurt in a non-compensated, on-the-job accident and the employer closed shop and left the state, it was a year before I could see a physician and that is when I learned that osteoarthritis had spread into both knees and lower back. I wanted to go back to work but could not my extremely demanding high-risk, armed private security job again which I had managed to do for 20 years. I had no employment prospects, as this is 2002 when the dot. com bust was wiping out all of the jobs here. I put in for Social Security temporary disability payments until maybe I could patch myself back together long enough to go to work doing something because, then, as now, there were NO JOBS.My initial claim was rejected. I filed two appeals on the computer like I was told by them to do and, oops, they must have got lost. I never heard back from them, They claimed they had never gotten them.I had to move in with a relative who suddenly developed the heart disease that runs in our family. He was hospitalized from the Emergency Room three times and the physicians in the follow-up clinic turned in his application for Social Security Disability. He had cardiologists and certified, trained medical specialists vouching for him and full documentation of his medical disability. He was denied. The attending physician filed for his Social Security Disability again telling him that if he did not stop working his stressful and physically active privater security patrol officer job. He went to the woman who was managing the patrol section of the company where he was working and requested a transfer. She denied him the transfer AND GAVE HIM THE DEATH SENTENCE. He did not want to have a heart attack and endanger others because his job involved driving a patrol vehicle to a lot of different places in the night! And that is how he DIED –BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A PATROL VEHICLE THAT CRASHED INTO A TREE WHEN HE HAD HIS MASSIVE, UNEXPECTED HEART ATTACK–THE ONE THAT KILLED HIM. As only a cousin, I had no right under Texas Workers Compensation to sue and he had no Will. He was only 50 but had outlived both his mother and father.Now, we have sudden burial expense!Ironically, a day after his death, we receive a DENIAL of claim from Social Security Administration and they can GO TO HELL as far as the sensitivity and timing and the good that they did for him. If I had not given up my burial plot, he would still be in the ice box at the Medical Examiners Office.Now, it is 2009 and I am 3/4s of the way through school but my grant money is running out and I cannot afford property taxes. I am also having to settle his unpaid bills and not getting much help from the family. I have been trying to get a job to no avail and they are having fist fights for the day labor jobs. I can’t even get job as a cleaning man or as a dishwasher or busboy because there are 10 to 15 people applying for each job! WHen I apply for a Paralegal job they tell me that I have no experience and that I am overqualified. IT IS AN AGE DISCRIMINATION THING!JOBS IF AND HERE, BECAUSE AUSTIN IS A SANCTUARY CITY, UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS ARE COMPETING WITH US CITIZENS AND BRINGING THE WAGES DOWN AND GETTING ALL THE JOBS AND MAKING SURE ONLY THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS GET THE WORK IF THERE ARE ANY VACANCIES THAT COME UP ON THE JOB. THEY WILL CALL ICE TO GET SOMEBODY DEPORTED IF A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER NEEDS THAT JOB. NICE FOLKS, THESE ILLEGALES.Out of hope and nearly out of money, I saw a friend at the Texas Worksource Center and she tells me that she retained an attorney to help her with Social Security Disability, and the attorney was able to get it for her –$1,025 a month which is more than what I have now. She said that you have to give your attorney a percentage of what you would have been paid had you received your Social Security Disability income and I said, ” Well

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Address: it’s more than I have now which is nothing.”” So I didn’t mind paying because I NOT TRUST GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES AND ONLY DEALT WITH THEM BECAUSE ECONOMICS FORCED ME TO DO IT.I called my Congressperson and the staff there got my denial claim from Social Security reopened and I ended up getting an attorney to represent me at that point. I could feel the HATE from the Social Security people that I had managed to challenge them.I even had to go to apply for FOOD STAMPS and there is NOTHING worse than applying for FOOD STAMPS ( SNAP


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