Complaint: We entered into a contract for the supply of gold and copper. Societe Minieres de Tanganyika Sprl (SMT) failed to deliver on either contract. SMT claimed to be a mining company with its own mines. Bernice Kimbuta, Commercial Director Jean Mulenga, President, Antoine Situ Muganga, President of Legal Affairs Jacob Mwamba SMT also used a fraudulent shipping company called FSC Logix in Kampala managed by John Gatete. SMT put forth quite a show. When visiting their supposed freight forwarding company in Kampala, they claimed to have a representative of the Uganda Revenue Authority visit the office with 5 boxes of gold nuggets/beads. The URA wanted a fee to open the boxes, which we refused to pay. They ended up opening the boxes and after inspection resealed them with different seals.After signing a contract with the company, SMT arbitrarily demanded payment of $40,650 to contribute toward the payment of export duties owed to the URA. Then the story changed and we were told that the URA would not allow separation of the gold in storage with it and rather than take 25 kg., we had to take 500 kg. After agreeing to take the larger consignment, we were told that the mysterious board of directors demanded that we pay about $825K as a contribution to the export duties, despite our contract stating that it was a CIF delivery with SMT being responsible for all export duties and transportation. At the end of the day, despite a signed contract, SMT delivered nothing and only kept asking for money in advance.

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