Complaint: I received an email advertisement from this company back in January. That they have to resort to SPAM should have been my first clue that they were a scam. But they had a very slick web site and when I contacted them through their site they seemed to be very professional. I had them bid on development for an iPhone app project. It was a good but fair price for programmers in Europe, so my company decided to go with them. Worst mistake of my career. They didn’t meet a single promise or deadline in their contract. They suckered us into additional payments due to “unforseen circumstances.”” The app they delivered does not work and cannot currently pass Apple’s app store review. It’s useless to us. They did…after several threats…provide the source code (which was promised in the contract). Frustrated

Tags: Programmers

Address: we hired a local developer (we’re in the U.S.) who could meet in person. After a week reviewing the source code provided to us by Softrino

Website: but the costs would be prohibitive with no guarantee of recovery. While investigating Softrino for a lawsuit

Phone: he recommended that we literally trash it and start from scratch. I can’t begin to describe how painful the meeting was. He had countless examples of the problems with their code. The code organization looked like trash even to a non-programmer. They must have out sourced our project to a firm in the slums of India or China. Management would like to sue them