I took my child in to the wellsboro ER to get her seen for she was eight years old and got in to a little fight with another child 13 and wellsboro turned it in to children service and made statement that are not true also said they were sorry but SORRY is not good. Children protection looked over my child and found that the report was unfounded and all the hospital said is sorry. nThey lied and i would like to know how the female Doctor can sleep a night knowing she could of made me lose the only thing that bring me a smile on a bad day all because SHE LIED. SO NO SORRY IS NOT A GOOD ANSWER FROM WELLSBORO HOSPITAL. nLeslienWellsboro, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

32-36 Central Ave. Wellsboro 16901 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania U.S.A.