Complaint: Well my morning started out with a phone call saying to sit down they have good news for me. This is so and so and we are representing Consumer Clearing House and you won the 2nd prize of $500,000.00. That’s a half a million dollars. Okkkkk. She went on how she had to have me and my husband on the phone. Told her he wouldn’t be home till 10:30am. 10:15 I get a phone call back and after assuring her we both were on she transfer us to her boss, associate, whatever. There it was, in order for us to get the money we had to pay the taxes ahead of time. Told him we couldn’t afford it. He asked us if we had worries? I said yeah, there are a lot of scams going around and I don’t want to be in one of them. He told me he can give me information to check on it. I again told him I can’t afford to give money out I don’t have. He says have you ever heard of HSBC, I said no. To make a long story short, he said they will pay for it and the IRS will check my records and I and him can get in trouble if they find out that I could pay it. I said ok. He said what? I said ok, I have nothing to hide, they can’t find what I don’t have. When I say I don’t have it, I don’t have it. He said that the money will clear as soon as I deposit it, then he says as soon as the check clears I’ll have to pay this company HSBC $65,000.00 for the taxes. I said ok. He said he’ll get back to me when the IRS is done and when the check can be released. Wow.

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