I visited the website Solfemarket while searching for a electric scooter and made a purchase. They sent me a text "verfiying" that I had made the purchase and showing its "tracking information".Where things got sketchy is where the price for the scooter was originally I believe $39.00 and then cut in half to $14.00. On top of that when you clicked on the tracking link they text over the only thing you saw was your location where the merchandise was to be delivered but it never and didnt show where it was being delivered from nor where it’s current location was. So I believe they advertised that your order would be delivered within 10 days.Being skeptical of this I thought to report the site in if anything had not arrived within a reasonable amount of time. And so finally I decided to click on the link to my tracking order and it led me to a page saying that the same page where I purchased the scooter could be a website trying to steal your information…It was just $14.00 but still its money people work hard for and these people need to be held accountable for their actions.