Complaint: Just so everyone knows what is going on with our dog that was suppose to come home to us. After an exhausting day I got a nasty message sent via facebook from our ”breeder” of the pup. Pretty much telling me to go f**k myself and causing a scene because I would not pay a bill that was never mentioned or on her policy and contracts. She then took the dog and is selling him for the original price …and refused to sell him to us for that priced that was agreed upon. I had made a 100 dollar deposit on an all black puppy litter (with the mother dog’s info, etc on my written paperwork) so the puppy could be reserved. The puppy was born in June and 3 days later we went to visit the puppy & every other week thereafter to bond with the dog. The week that we didn’t go up to visit I would contact the breeder asking how the pup is and showed care and concern on the well-being of the dog as a responsible pet owner. The puppy was to be seen at the breeder’s vet at to be neutered upon contract which we agreed to. The vet visit would constantly be changed and the same with the supposed pick up date for the dog (this happened at least 5 times with little to no communication to myself nor my husband) While the breeder was doing microchip information and paperwork she went over how much I owed which was 500 dollars for the dog (all pups are 600 dollars so minus our 100 dollar deposit would equal 500) an additional 50 dollars for a shampoo kit and whatever the cost of the pups neuter vet bill. We were both in agreement with this. 2 days before the dog was to go to the vet after the 4th time it was changed she then awares me that the dog would have an extra bill of 151.20 added to him because he came from a C-section litter. This was never brought up in the past meetings-discussions with her only until 2 days before the dog was supposedly to come home. I then looked at her website, contract-policy info and it states nothing about the customer being responsible for any C-section vet bills. She had said it slipped her mind because she was so busy and that the website is ”suppose to say the customer is responsible for C-section vet bills” I then told her I would not pay for the extra bill and to put the dog back to available and had mentioned the fact that it was never brought up-talked about. She said that she would work it out and fix it and to wait until the vet visit. I then messaged her again before the dog was going to the vet and questioned the extra money and she said I was responsible for it. She did nothing to help us out even though she was ”determined to fix the problem and work it all out that she didn’t want us to lose out on the pup” Never happened. I was contacted today after she didnt speak to me for weeks (9/2/13) and she asked me again to pay 151.20 I then said No. She then became furious and annoyed also extremely vulgar and kept swearing at me up and down like a child. Claiming also that I didn’t love the dog and I didn’t care, not to waste her dogs time or her time. If I had cared I would have payed the extra money. This woman pretty much tried to squeeze extra money out of me today when her intentions were to sell the dog for the original price. This breeder tried to take an extra 151.20 even after I said NO. She couldn’t obviously sell the dog to anyone because she did post him up as available on her facebook account and no-one would pay for him at the price she was trying to ask. Her last conversation with me stated that she was going to sell the dog to someone for the regular price of 600 dollars and not charge for the C-section nor his neuter bill and would not give me that price. She also made very foul language remarks towards me. I was even nice enough to transfer to another litter at first but not after all of this. I want my deposit back (which I know won’t happen) and move on. Watch out for ”breeders” I’ve never dealt with so much bulls**t before like this. It has been an emotional rollercoaster. I really hope that I never have to deal with anything like this again. This is obviously someone who is hard up for money and has no concern of interest or well-being of the dog. For someone to say I don’t care is such a personal attack on both me and my husband when she sells her dogs to people who know nothing about the breed. I’ve owned and researched this breed for over 5 years. I think I have a clue on what I’m doing here thank you very much. Very unprofessional and it’s apparent this woman is pumping out way too many puppies at a time if she is ”too busy” to communicate to someone about something so important. Bad business and very disappointed.

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Address: marion, Massachusetts USA