Complaint: Rachael is a carhop at Sonic at 3025 N. Galloway Ave., Mesquite, Texas. She uses her cell phone during working hours and even during Sonic’s busiet times between 2pm and 4pm called Happy Hour! Customers are waiting on their food and Rachael is posting likes on Instagram. Her profile name on Instagram is makeeitraen. It used to be makeeitrayn. She probably changed it so that the manager, Carl Braucht, could not check it. I heard Rachael is the carhop on rollerskates. We the customers are waiting on our food and drinks and Rachael, and others, are posting on their Instagrams, Facebook, Twitters, Snapchat, Emails and more!! Do you like waiting a long time for your food or drinks? And anything you tell the manager, Carl Braucht, will be ignored. Even if you call the Sonic Customer Support, they will file the complaint and email Carl, then Carl ignores it and the carhops continue to screw up and tell Carl “I did not do that””. Rachael lies to her manager about not using her cellular phone. She even talks about how he is a “”puppet”” and “”all talk and no bite””. Carl believes everything Rachael and other carhops tell him! He is spineless! When people complain to Carl about the issues

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: he ignores the complaint and does nothing to correct the issue. Here is the proof of Rachael using her cellular phone on Instagram during Happy Hour on June 30

Website: a friend of Rachael

Phone: 2014 between 2:40pm and 3:40pm – That is stillduring Happy Hour