Complaint: We get to the restranut that has 6 people working inside it. We order a Double Sonic Value meal with Onion Rings in place of fries. Sorry no Onion Rings are fixed. Then next order would like a Slushy to drink. Sorry slushy machine is not working. So we eat. While several cars are pulling off, because they aren’t getting waited on at all. Then after eating we decide to order the .99 cent mini-banana splits and then we are told sorry no bananas. How can they stay in business and only have half of what we ordered. One of the people inside was doing NOTHING. He sat in a chair playing with his hair the whole time we were there. I guess he was taking orders, but I’ve never seen anyone call people to get their orders. He did more dialing than answering the phone. The oinion rings weren’t done because the manager had to help get the food out (what about the guy sitting and doing nothing at all). Any way just had to get it off my chest. Cindy ringgold, VirginiaU.S.A.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: Piney Forest Road Danville, Virginia U.S.A.


Phone: 434-836-7730