I have purchased over ten thousand dollars worth of Sony Tv equipment in the past couple of years. The latest purchase was a flagship top of line 65″ Sony Android 4 K ultra high def set with all the bells and whistles. the picture was everything I expected except there has been an ongoing problem withstreaming WIFI reception for month. I initially blamed my internet provider but as time went on I became more and more convinced that the problem was NOT with modems or routers but a harware problem withing the set itself. | In the past week or so i have been in contact with Sony in an effort to pinpoint the problem which was and still is – a constant iinterruption of WI_FI transmission which resulted in a stacky audi and jerking video. I also have ANOTHER siliar 65″ $k set which operates from the same modem which does NOT have the problem. After two sessions with one impudent insulting technition who flatly refused to grant my request for another technition – I managed to get two polite knowledgeable competent Stateside technitions who tried various software approach remote techigues to solve what they thought was probably a software glitch. | The first attempt improved the issue but did NOT solve it. The second tech was equally helpful but his changes only made the problem actually waorse that it had ever been He stated that A Sonly rep would contact me withing the following tw days – and if the problem persisted that Sony would arrange for a local Sony tech to do the harware repair. | Today was the end of the second day and NO call – so I took the iniiative and phone THEM. The people i spoke with acted like robots who were clueless as towhat i had been promise. I suspected that tshe was not in the Syayes and found out i was taliking with someone in the Plillipines. | Their foreign Tech are lousy and acted like robots. Al I could get was they had to ‘ DO MORE IVESTIGATION” – and when I asked what SPECIFICLY did she men by “MORE INVESTIGATION” – I got the same answer as if I were speaking with a machine. | I am convinced that Sony could give a d**n about customer satisfaction. In the past week or so I have been on hold for endless period – been cut off at least twice and hug up on one occasion. I shouild have written a scorching letter to Sony CEO Michael Lynton after the first tech treated my with some of the most obnoxious didresopect i have experienced in my 50 years of business experience. | Out of curiosity I Googled the following phrase to get an idea just how bad their repution for avoiding marginalizing and frustration good customers really was. The result? – SIXTEEN MILLION- FOUR HUNDrED THOUSAND loggen in complaints! | I spent the extra few thousand dollars for the SAME size and SAME technology of their compeditors because I had believed in their reputation quality and industry leadership. | Net result? I have been insulted ignored lied to disconnected talked down to and treated generally in a manner of which i would expect from a sleazy pawn shop insted of an industry giant. I STILL have the problem with no indication that it will EVER be repaired. Right now I regret ever havig even considerd spending the big bucks for ‘quality’ – and ‘service’ that I will never get.


  • Name: Sony Corporation of America
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Park Ridge
  • Address: One Sony Drive, MD 2B4
  • Phone: 201-930-6175
  • Website: www.sony.com