This company is a one-person boiler room operation most likely operating out of a spare bedroom, which makes EVERY provision possible to NOT be available to handle your requests by email or telephone. READ their “Contact”” page and all of their “”Policies”” and you will see that they have every angle and excuse imagineable to explain why you WILL NOT get any satisfaction from them. nIn a nutshell

I placed an order. I never heard anything. After sending three emails

someone finally responded sand said “”everything looks good with your order.”” That was it. Then I never heard anything again for over two weeks. I sent FOUR more emails

and filled out their contact form on their web site BUT NEVER heard anything back. I called their number

and some lady answered the phone saying “”Hello?”” I said “”Is this HandsNPaws?”” She said “”Yes.”” I started to tell her that I wanted to cancel moy order and she cut me off and said “”This line is only for orders!”” and hung up on me as I started my next sentence. I sent two more emails to cancel the order and then filled out their contact form again on their web site to cancel the order. I never heard anything back. I ended up buying my items somewhere else. Today they charged my credit card for the full amout of my order. I have yet to see any product