Complaint: I took my 1996 Jeep Cherokee sport to this company for inspection. When I set up the appointment I told them that I would need 2 tires and 1 headlight. In the meantime, to save money, I fixed my own headlight and bought 2 new cheaper tires for them to put on and balance for me. When they started to inspect my vehicle they called me and said that I needed front brakes and 1 rotor turned. They charged me $25.00 for inspection, $20.00 to put on the tires and balance them, $50.00 for brakes, $30.00 to turn the rotor and this does not even include labor fees. My total was $217.00! I called around to some other companies and realized that it does not cost $92.00 in labor to perform these tasks. To turn 1 rotor and put on front brakes including labor runs around $89.00. I’ve been snowed!

Tags: Auto Inspection

Address: Glen Rock, Pennsylvania U.S.A.


Phone: 717-235-2856