Belittled me for having a phone not capable of sending and receiving email and not being to download excessive pictures, videos and documents etc with my phone. I explained I’m learning disabled with disabilities in reading (dyslexia,) and auditory processing skills and need assistance processing columns of material. Belittled me for not having a computer. Demanded that I have money to produce all the laws of usda rd and hud and SC landlord tenant. Baggered me constantly that if I did not do everythung he required even when i told him that I didn’t have any money to pay for all the copying and transportation. He made demands that even if I had to walk disabled all night down a major highway with nobsudewalks pulling a suitcase of evidence, I had to be there or they would not “represent” me. Threatening abandoning me constantly for “non compliance” with their requests. Even set up hearings that I had advised them I was mandated to be in my apartment for landlord contractors because of agreement with usda RD that I would be in apartment because of the damage being done to my usda rd apartment and my possessions. I had one key and OwnerLandlird had a key to front door, backdoor and my storage area. Just about everything I been has been “stolen” piece by piece. Dishes, knives, forks,glasses, clothes, my Dad’s tools, expensive yard equipment, too much to list. At one hearing a “status” that they said I didn’t have to be there and the landlord owner scheduled contractors to be in my usda apartment, I notified them that I could not be at the status and I stated that any action was going tobtake placebin my name, I demanded it be arranged when the landlord didn’t commit me to being in apartment. This status hearing was purposely scheduled by the landlord with judge for the same date and time contractors would be in my apt. The date was Nov 17, 2015. And that morning there was a knick at my door and i was expecting it to be contractors. Instead it was landlid owner’s maintenance person who stated to me andbivquote “I just wanted to see if you were here”. I asked where were the contractors and he refused to respond. I waited all day and no one came. Late in the day I saw the the owner landlord was in office and I went to the office and asked ” Where are the contractors?”. Landlord owner manager laughed and said they weren’t coming. I knew then I had been set up. Mean while cat the court unknown to me they had a hearing with testimony (I have requested the tape if that hearing and was denied) and SCLegal Services asked the judge to appoint a Guardian Ad Litem. I didn’t received notification of GAD until February 2016. I protested that I had a right to testify and even a right to have my extended family in MS notified as well as local friend, church members that knew me if in fact the judge decided that I “needed” a GAL. I felt blind sided by this surreptitiou “hearing” for a GAL especially since i could nit be there and notified the court and SC Legal Services. I was told on March 1,2016 that the GAL was just for “financial” in regards to owner landlord issue if non renewal if lease. sCLS continued to blindside at every hearing. They purposely his what was going to take place and what was going to go on and who would be there. I never saw this GAD and they never ever contacted me. On June 20, 2016 while ibqas on the phone with my contacts in usda and hud etc in Wasington DC and important phone calls, there was a Hirrt Countynpolice offucer i did not call and at tge time i had a lawsuit against Horry County and yelled throygh the door “i’m on the phone and i. went upstairs to continye these impirtantbphone calls. I had told theboffucerbi had nilot callrled them and i was not opening my door as i was on the phone. I went intobthe bathroom for quiet while on phone because Horry. Officer pounded on my door. At no time did any person identify themselves. My Neighbir told me later the officer and a female crossed the street and spent a long timebtalkung to various people on apirch thatbu didn’t know and didn’t associate with. I considered them as trouble makers as they were frequently seen in the street fighting. Well the next day 4 officers burst through my front door shackled me and dragged all the way through the apt complex in thevstreet un front of every neighbor. I was stunned and also not dressed as had on lounging attire and sitting on my bed. That was I st the start of my nightmare. I was taken to a known hospital fie ” committing” people and sat up on a concrete stool in a cell at the hospital until almost 24 hour period of my being up and awake and then shacked and taken to a mental hospital hospital. I was unknown to me released in two days by the doctors as not needing to be incarcinated in a mental hospital. Ibwas never told I clwas ordered by the judge to go home. Wasn’t role until over 5 weeks later. They keep me 5 weeks saying the owner landlord would not allow me back in my apt. I never knew until the end of August 2016 that Proolbate Judge ordered me released immediately in two days. Never told. In 5 weeks I was told my insurance had run out and I was going back this my same apt. This GAL has continyed to assault my character and falsified an affidavit to the Probste Judge, to my neighbors, to the Horry County Police, to the Conway Hospital doctor, and to Waccamaw Mental Health, and to the Lighthouse Care Center, a mental hospital. Where u anyway as kept against mybwill 5 weeks and without the Probate Judge knowing it. When I returned home I contacted the Probate Judge and they were stunned that I was not released and further stunned that I had never been given the mandated legal papers for an attorney about my rights, my Judge ordered release. I have now filed against the GAL. for filing a false affidavit that resulted in my being held captive against my will and against Probate Courts orders. SCLS upon being told i was filing suit firbfakse affidavut continued to have thus GAL at every hearing against my wishes. SC Legal Services just the year before provided an expert in Federal YSDA RD and HUD Apt Law and won the case for a person of color. SC Legal Services refused to contact their Federally experienced attorney like the did for the person if color, telling they were never going to get an experienced Federal Law Attorney to assist in my case. Even though I requested it, they refused. Theyveven told me they an scls Attorney I think they said in Orange burg SC. They continued to refuse my request. And at a hearing this past week without my knowledge announced to tgebiwner landlord and judge they were no longer representing me. I had hearing dates even in the next week at Christmas time and I had no Monet to hire an attorney and becausebof holidays all attorney offices were closed. So at the hearing thus week, the Judge just railroaded right over me. I wasn’t allowed to present documentation that I had, albeit limited,to the court. So now I’m in an emergency situation where I have on onebin court with me. I have been denied subpoenas, getting motions to compel to have necessary documents in court. I’m screwed. * | I just my report above. I’m dyslexic. It’s too hard to type again.


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