Just received a BOGUS letter in the mail informing me that I have apparently $1,640 of unpaid tolls due to Southbay Expressway. Funny thing about this is, I AM a Fastrak member and pay my account straight out of my checking account. I never received a letter or a phone call from Southbay Expressway. My vehicle info is my vehicle but I very clearly remember not giving them my license plate number as this vehicle did NOT have any at the time of these offenses. I called Southbay Expressway and gave them my vin number and vehicle description. They sent out a transponder and I was good to go. Soon after receiving it, it stopped beeping as I passed through the tolls. I called Southbay Expressway about a couple violations I had received in the mail and explained what was going on. They cleared it up and all was good. Here we are 3 months after the supposed violations and without ANY notice from SBX I am being hit with a collections notice from some firm in Denver, or is it San Antonio no it looks like it is Dallas. Weird. Then I call and they hang up. Another strange anomaly, I go to SBXTolls.com and the page doesn’t exist. I would really like some answers. I have always paid my bills to SBX on time and have never had issues. The one time there was a problem, it was resolved with no issue. If SBX does not fix this…I will seek legal counsel. One thing is for sure…NO MONEY will go to any BOGUS law firm in the form of cashier’s check or money order, also strange to me. I will be contacting my lawyer in the morning as this is a BOGUS claim. I hope this is a joke.

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