Two years ago we purchased a higher end king size Southerland Mattress and Box Springs over $1000.00. We were not told at purchase that these were not Southerland Box Springs, hence the warranty is null and void. Okay, this is a higher end mattress and regardless of box spring, the whole entire side of mattress has collapsed. In other words our Granddaughter (toddler) rolls off the bed. Dealer has told us that he has had about 6 cases that have had the exact same problems with the same mattress, Told us it was a design flaw and that the company has since changed the design. Okay….you know you made a faulty design yet you will not warranty your product…We purchased this because of the fact that it was a local company….thus creating local jobs….On top of that…..if god forbid you have a stain on the mattress you bought and paid for and used……the warranty is null and void. Any excuse NOT to fullfill thier obligations. So now I have a bed that is impossible to sleep on and must somehow come up with money for a new mattress. When I do…..IT WILL NOT BE A SOUTHERLAND….


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