Riley B , Berea KY Southern Express, as known as well as Southern Salvage. Based out of Somerset,KY.Last name is Pickerell. I am a O/O in the Hot Shot business with a dually truck. I started with this company with pulling a company 53 ft wedge trailer. Hauling Autos and Campers. My first run I made was from TN to OH , that was a little over 3 wks ago. Prior to starting I was told at most payment averages 2-3 days, basically waiting for check to clear company bank account. I was fine with that. | As i sit here 3 weeks later and no payment when paperwork was turned in on my side by a previous driver, he rode along to make sure I knew how to handle a 53ft trailer. Paperwork was turned in by him, owner of Southern Express was aware of delivery drop off, being he will blow your phone up, constantly! He failed on his side to compete the paper work needed to get paid, not only on my side but his to. That’s one load of non payment. Load 2, which was my last load. Picked up in TN and took to PA. Kept in constant contact with Southern Express, being your phone gets blown up. He was aware of pickup and delivery as normal. Still ball was dropped and no paper work finished on his side. At least that’s what I’ve more less been told, paperwork wasn’t in order to invoice the run, when all was needed was mileage of trip. Google does have maps to look up mileage. | Still paperwork issues, so I’m told. For that run its now going on 2wks and nothing showing in my account of payment. Meanwhile, a small payment was made for 2 small crappy pay runs I did. They expected me to run on a small payment will not being paid on 2 other runs. Something seemed off, give me a little but was a hassle for the bigger runs. Seemed like they was giving me just enough to keep going for them but not enough to put in my pocket for a profit. Meanwhile pulling those runs, had issues with DOT over paper work on the trailer. Nothing showing GVWR as well as a expired registration along with plate number on registration was nothing close to what plate was on the trailer and was asked if I switched the plates, why would I switch plates? It would stay parked before I would even think about switching plates. Was suppose have had a folder made up for me with all the correct paperwork, which that never happed. Kept hearing it over and over and never seen it. You was expected to run all the time, but only with what little money they give you just to keep you moving but not pay what they owe you so you can keep maintaince on your truck nor pay any of your bills. There was another driver before me that as well had payment issues. Once I got paid for the crap runs I did, the other driver just had got his pay. If it was what was all due or not I’m not sure. | By all means, avoid this so called company. You won’t get paid, you have to pull a trailer that’s not paper work ready nor a safe trailer to pull. He wouldn’t even replace the ramps that was missing center runners that could easily pop a car tire, yet your responsible if you did.


  • Name: Southern Express
  • Country: United States
  • State: Kentucky
  • City: Somerset
  • Address: 5410 S Hwy 27
  • Phone: 606-416-0040
  • Website: