After unsucessfully trying to buy a log cabin home from them 2 years ago, we were able to get them to give us a credit for our $14.000 deposit. The only restriction on it is that it has to be used by 8/23/19. Since April of this year, I’ve been trying to get no less than 5 Southland salespeople to sell us ANYTHING to use up our credit, but all I get are excuses and made-up conditions for why they won’t let us use the credit. | Gordon Lewis, the original salesman in Fredericksburg, VA, won’t return my emailed requests for prices for log cabins under 1000 sq ft. Danielle Whorton, a CSR, says we have to use it on a “home” that is equal to or more than the price of the original home, though it doesn’t say that in the credit. The credit letter actually says the old contract is cancelled. | She also would not tell me the prices of homes under 1000 sq ft, even with a list of the model names from the website. She brought up a ‘parts sale’ in SC, where the main Southland Log Homes center is (Irmo) but then said we couldn’t use our credit for anything there, though apparently they have sheds/workshops we could buy. | Dorthy Richberg, Danielle’s supervisor, wanted to debate semantics of the word “home,” which has nothing to do with anything. All she seems to want to do is argue with me over email and take no action. | Two/Three weeks ago, Steve Colquitt, a supervisor in Greenville, SC, emailed me schematics for two small log homes that would use up our credit entirely – another non-existant restriction. | In the last week, he’s changed his tune, referring me back to Dorthy, and saying we now have to use it for a total purchase comparable to the old home on the cancelled contract. Mason Holley, the person who issued the original credit, hasn’t responded to my emails or calls at all. | So think they’re trying to ‘run the clock down’ so I’ll be out of time to use my credit. I don’t know why they’re making it so hard to use the credit I already have with them, but one lawyer I solicted for advice thinks they have already spent my deposit on someone else’s project. | Not that I thought they’d put it away in a little box with my name on it, but it should still be available for me to use – otherwise it’s fraud to sell a customer something and then not deliver. Or give a refund if no sale is possible. | I think they’re just trying to take my money and run. I just want them to honor my credit so I can be done with them; or just give me a refund at this point. But I fear I’ll have to get a lawyer and fight this out in court to get anything done at this point as they are ignoring all I say.


  • Name: Southland Log Homes, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City: Pelham
  • Address: 2000 Oak Mountain State Park Dr
  • Phone: 205-989-8891
  • Website: