Hello. I am a 25yo female who has been married for 6 years and has 2 healthy, beautiful children. I should, however, have at least 3 children. Let me explain. nWhen I was 18yo, I became pregnant with twins. Not a great thing, I know, but it happened. It was in November of 1997 that I found out that I was pregnant. I had complications in December 1997, so I went to Southside Community Hospital’s emergency room. This is when it was discovered that I was pregnant with twins. Despite the bleeding and stomach pains, the staff there told me everything was fine, and I could go home. nEverything was fine, for a while. Then, around February 10, 1998, I woke up with blood all on me, and having stomach pains. I was taken to Southside Community Hospital’s emergency room once again. After about a three hour wait, a nurse finally peaked her head into the exam room I was in. Another half hour passed before the doctor came into my room and ordered tests, including an ultrasound. nAfter the ultrasound, I was admitted into the hospital. I was in my room for a while, when Dr. Turner, an area OB/GYN came in. He explained to me that it appeared as if I had lost one of my twins. He wanted to send me to MCV, Medical College of Virginia, because they have much better technology and more staff. However, I had put Dr. Agee as my OB/GYN, so he had to get the OK from Dr. Agee first. nDr. Turner waited with me until Dr. Agee arrived. Dr. Agee came in, felt my abdomen, and said that I did not need to be transferred ( for which he charged me $900 to do). I was then told I’d be discharged from the hospital. The hospital ended up kicking me out of my room before my ride even arrived and made me sit in the lobby for hours. Their reason for making me stay was because it was policy that I could not leave by myself. nThe very next day, my stomach pains grew stronger, so I went back to the hospital. I was told nothing was wrong. This happened for days; I’d go in, they would say nothing is wrong and to go home. Until the morning of February 15, 1998. nI went in to the hospital, they took me up to the maternity ward. A woman examined my cervix. Then she listened to my unborn son’s heartbeat. She asked me if I wanted to hear his heartbeat. I said yes. As I was listening she was talking about how strong and healthy his heartbeat was. Then she told me… n”I’m sorry

you’re losing him…Go home…Come back after you lose him…”” nAs I lay there starting to cry

all I could think was….WTF!!?? nAccording to her

hospital policy was that miscarriage was not grounds to admit a patient. n””Oh

so it’s not because I have no insurance?””n””No