Complaint: In 1998 and 1999 I worked for a company called Southwest Communications in a small office in Pasadena CA. This company was run by David Bell and his brother Brandon Bell. For many months, I did work, got paid. But finally a check bounced and they did not make it right. A few days later their office was closed/gone. This was a traumatic experience at the time, it did put a financial crush on me for a while. The ONLY reason why I am sharing this is because I saw another almost identical and similar complaint against them in a venture called USTelecom. So be warned, these two may be regular con artists. Personally, I dont care: I have moved on with my life. But if this is a trend: be careful and be ware when doing business with the Bell boys. There are plenty of good people and companies in the telco industry, no need to do business with the shady ones.

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Address: Pasadena CA Pasadena, California United States of America