Property in the trust is to be divided by 3 (my siblings), which include 2 condos on the water in San Diego. Because the Fiduciary made himself 100% unavailable to us for anything is beyond me. Because the court-appointed Fiduciary elected takes on a role to abandon any communications Gregory DoVico simply refused to acknowledge his role a Fiduciary to us. | His lawyer was/is our contact. The 2 condos just sat emptied, no return phones regarding the status. I had to make a move to generate sales. The actual property had a well-educated relator who had 2 applications sighed and deposits on both. I told the agent the situation and the trustee’s contact info. He was blatantly ignored on all levels of communication. | What The trustee, G DoVIco did in the 2-3 week delay is retained his own realtor. A young man who doesn’t even live near San Diego. I was not content with this and finally learned from the attorney that “her” client, the fiduciary wasn’t in a position to close on the properties, but when the Fiduciary decides to sell he has “already” retained a realtor. | Jumping ahead 3 months. First, the 2 condos 1, 2 bedroom on the 10th floor, and 1, 1 bedroom the 8th floor. Now, keep in mind the Fiduciary is drawing from the trust around 2-4 thousand dollars every month, his attorney, around 2-6 thousand every month. it was apparent to me that deliberate delays were/are being implemented for the continuation of fees to be drawn on. | Here’s the “kicker” the selling price they closed on was much lower than the price my realtor had. They didn’t have our best interest on hand or in thought. ever. It wasn’t until my constant squeaking do I receive any type of correspondence. | My eyes and the suspicion of greed was confirmed when I heard of this site and decided to search his name. | 6 other separate reports were filed on this Fiduciary! | His attorney is the only contact i have regarding any questions to my late mother’s trust. I have NEVER spoke to greg, left multiple phone calls. The fees his company has deposited is an astronomical aggerated amount to boot his attorney Kelly Kral is the only means of a contact and her fees are ridiculously inflated as well. Not until i got involved with an outstanding honest hard working Financial planner, has the designation of a Fiduciary, that return phones (only from hius attorney) started. What appears to be obvious is the consistant delays pertaining to anything and everything. Over 2 years since my Mother passed With constant delays and astronomical aggerated fees paid each and every month, with several twice a month fees paid for what??? For keeping a copy of my Mother’s trust


  • Name: Southwest Fiduciary, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Glendale
  • Address: 7147 N 59th Ave
  • Phone: 1 623-875-9973
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