I have Happily ordered a great many items from Southwest Indian Foundation over the past four years for Birthdays and Christmas gifts, ETC. Without any problems whatsoever. However, this wasn’t the case when I placed an order with them this past January (2016) As the Sale item I had ordered was charged for even more more money, than item would have cost at even it’s regular price! It, took TWO months to get that debackle fixed! Even, so I decided I’d give them a second chance this April (2016) My order once again started out right as rain, only to once again find myself mysteriously over charged in both my bank statement and by e-mails from them, this time for TWO items instead of one! The woman on the the phone was somewhat polite about it, However she claims there was NO wrong doing on their end and that I must have placed TWO orders instead of just the ONE and claims that there is NO record of any such problem like this happening to me before also NOT TRUE! It sadness me that that I can NO longer trust this seemingly charitable company, but the reality is that this isn’t of course the first seemingly charitable organization nore the last to rip people off like this. I DON’T have a lot of money to give so, whenever I can I like to buy things and make small donations whenevever wherever I can and if I ever do have enough to travel and make a bigger donations I will be buying a food basket and or stove and bringing it to the people myself! That way I can be sure the items go to the people and that the money DOES’T just go to corperate headquarters instead! As, for this last order it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth to leave it for the Post office like she said to do in hopes that they will be honest about returning said money, but sadly lesson learned and will no longer be recieving their tempting catologs, but will continue to by helpful goods else where just NOT with Southwest Indian Foundation anymore.

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