Complaint: Sovereign or Sovering Home Health Care(alias) was called for temporary services as I was waiting for Hilda’s Helping Hands to get certified by state department of New Jersey. They sent a very young girl whose car broke down the next day and no services were provided. I called Jim, the Director who said it would be fixed “with in the week””. Two weeks later she still had no car. A second girl somewhat older (25yrs) who worked for one and a half weeks 13hrs a day 7 days a week. Her pay was slave wages. Employees at Mac Donalds in California makes $15 hour rate and she told me she was getting paid $14. I am a person who lives with the chronic disease of Multiple Sclerosis for 16yrs and caregivers use their legs and arms when helping me with tasks. More importantly

Tags: Disability Services

Address: they keep drom falling as the illness is unpredictable. In an effort to keep this caregiver

Website: caregiver to care for me. I am not used to being black mailed so I called my LTC and requested payment be denied. The owner then sent a letter to LTC reporting I did not sign because I wanted caregiver to be paid for days not worked. I asked her to work on the upcoming Saturday and she said she could not work because she had social plans. I allowed her to take Saturday off since she worked very hard organizing my home and that my legs were hurting and would stay in bed all day. The travesty in this report is that Friday afternoon on or about 6 P.M.

Phone: I asked this company to pay her $25 dollars as my long term care company pays $377.14 an hour to the company. The Director Jim agreed to the request and said “”check was in the mail”” for both caregivers. He lied twice to me. I did not sign for aency to charge the LTC Insurance company so a couple of days later the owner