I emailed SparkPost Customer Service, because one of my secondary domains was rejected by their system. | I already had one of my sub-domains approved, and was preparing SMTP infrastructure for one of my others. | Once it was rejected by the system, I was given no reason why, or opportunity to correct the problem. | It was simply stated that I needed to contact support. | It took many hours for support to reply to me, and it turned out that they were discriminating the content of my website. | They did not feel that I had enough content, which makes no sense at all. | No other SMTP company tries to regulate their customers website content. | My domain also has an SSL certificate, meaning that my identity is 100% verified, and my site is secure. | On top of that, I complied with all other requirements that Spark Post has, which are much more numerable than any other company on the market. | I tried to explain to the company that I couldn’t install my script until I setup the SMTP Relay system. | The company didn’t care, and they were extremely rude, and slow to respond over a 3-day period. | Some of the comments made by the support staff were very condescending over the course of about 15 emails exchanged. | I contacted their abuse department, which took more than a day to get back to me. | They replied way too late, after I had asked to file an official complaint, and they said that they were sorry I decided to leave their service. | Then, the said they were going to terminate my account, as a result of the fact I was going to leave them. | Completely unprofessional behavior. | Three whole days of my time was wasted on their platform, and they had no one in their system that I could contact for any real support, or accountability. | I am extremely upset about this exchange, and would never-ever recommend this company to any of my professional marketing colleagues in the future.


  • Name: SparkPost
  • Country: United States
  • State: Maryland
  • City: Columbia
  • Address: 9130 Guilford Rd
  • Phone: (410) 872-4910
  • Website: www.sparkpost.com/