Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology Spartan Total Scam! The ITT Tech of Aviation. Riverside California!!. This school practices unethical techniques to get students to enroll. They prey on students’ hopes for a better future with overinflated promises that can not be met. They fail to disclose important information such as how a criminal record or a health issue both physical or psychiatric can prevent you from future employment and could even prevent you from getting certified and/or getting your certification revoked. Do not go here! They are a fraudulent institutuion that will enroll anyone even if they are obviously underqualified in order to secure more federal money. They will screw you over financially. This institutuion is highly unprofessional and does not care about the students or their staff. The staff is always complaining about the unethical work enviorment. I even had a teacher ask me if my job was hiring any A&P’s! Don&#

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