This website pops up on the 2nd page of google search for french bulldog for sale, the website has an online chat and then it guides you to fill an online application where it takes your address, full name, email and phone number. Then it will email you back and the person behind this will text you and ask you to send money through Zelle money transfer and he gave his name, Dominic Feldman, and an email address.I asked for a finance plan to pay for the puppy and he said fine right away, and he accepted to receive $100 as the first payment. I didn’t send him any money while I thought there is no guarantee that I send money to this guy and get nothing, or he can disappear. When I asked him for his business address, he didn’t reply back and later he gave me an area code in Oklahoma. I asked him for an address and I told him I will pay it off right away and I will send someone to pickup the puppy, and he refused and then said to not bother him anymore.