Complaint: Spectrum Cable keeps calling me these last nine days in average daily to up-sale something: I already canceled all TV prescription and merely have the internet connection that is actually lousy and not working nearly as well as promoted… it’s a big scam! However I have requested each sales person to please please take me off their calling list since I have no -NONE – interest in purchasing whatever “best deal”” they promise… I would gladly go to a competition – there is none either; hence we are stuck with the bully-Cable provider and Spectrum is utterly aggressive and engages very rough sales people! Now

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Address: nine days into their “”force-down-your-throat”” sales calls I’m being informed that their internal strategy is to only respect a “”do not call”” request after 30 days of a costumer telling them to stop calling. In my case I have to endure another three weeks of these sharks calling me and when pleading not to go any further they hang up – really rude and beyond respect. Be aware of this. By the admission of the latest caller on 06/28 13:20pm – they do NOT STOP calling me for another 24 days since I have kindly asked to stop trying to promote up-sales of which I would never agree to! Again

Website: 18663509588

Phone: when asked to speak to a supervisor – the clerk hung up! I’ll file a complaint with every entity I can find. There ought to be other consumers bothered by this?”