Complaint: Since Spectrum bought out TWC, our internet service has become progressively worse with intermittent outages and failure to sustain any level of continuity. This became a problem at the beginning of September, 2017. Despite the claims both online and on the phone of one hour service, it took a couple of days before we could schedule an appointment. A new router and modem were installed. Within a half hour of the tech’s departure we called in again for service as the issue of intermittent service continued and speeds of less than 10mbs were being received, where previous to this we had good sustainability in the 60-70mbs on a conxistent level. It was also reported to the tech that our phone service was going out as well. The Spectrum customer service tech told us that there had been a power outage in the area a few days before I called and was going to pass the information to the local techs but of course did not do anything of the kind. We had a second service call on 9/7/17. the outcome was the same and within 15 min. of the second call, the same problem occurred. Our third call for service the next day to Spectrum generated an answer of “I can see that your service tech did not call in and set up the router.”” Then

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Address: after a few seconds we were assured that now everything was going to be all right. We were far from all right. On our fourth call to Spectrum

Website: we had started graph tracking through Ookla

Phone: the channel was changed on the modem. This did not work either