My son recently got married and I did a lot more shopping on line than normal. I dealt with a lot of new companys from drug stores for make up to clothing, to shoes, to jewelry and misc. comapnies. EVERYONE – d(((REDACTED))).com, ( a shoe company_ Cxxx, Bxxxx Pxxxx, Vxxxxxx, Pxxx Bxxxh Jxxxx(((REDACTED))),all with customer service more than willing to help you and go above and beyond thier job to enable customer satisfaction. Basically all these companies had same return policy and I had to return a lot doing so much shopping on line. 6xx(((REDACTED))) even issued my credit the day I told them I mailed a pair of shoes back as we had developed quite the customer. company realtionship and they trusted me. Cxxxx(((REDACTED))) was wonderful about returns. nThen there is good old Spiegel. If you return something to them, just plan on giving it back and never receiving the credit to your credit card. They just send that automated reply to my e-mails and seems to like to keep my money for retruns to irritate me and make interest off my money that they owe me. I got one e-mail saying they received the 2 tank camis back on April 9 with a reference #. Well this is June 3 and they have not nor will they discuss issuing my credit back yet but SAID THEY RECEIVED the items on April 9th. All above mention companies said they “could take 1 to 2 billing cycles before you saw a credit but NONE TOOKMORE THAN WEEKS AND SOME ONLY A WEEK!! What is Spiegels problem and why don’t they get off thier butts and issue my credit as I am not going to leave it alone.I will come up and report weekly how sorry they are when it comes to taking an item back and they do not follow thru as I have received 2 billing statements. Love making that almighty dollar for interest for thier company is all I can assume. nSuzanne cnock Hill

South CarolinaU.S.A. sorry

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