The airline’s website offers a 2 month trial membership for $19.95 but I was charged for a yearly membership at a cost of $59.95, a cost of $40 more! While attempting to book a flight through Spirit Airlines’ website:, I was offered a 2 month trial for their fare club at a rate of $19.95. It seemed like a great deal considering checked baggage for a round trip with this airline will cost you upwards of $60 in addition to your ticket. As I completed the necessary fields to accept the trial, I was routed to a screen pre-filled with my personal details as I am a member of the airlines’ no-cost Free Spirit program. The 2nd screen asked for my financial information which I provided then selected continue. Instead of being signed up for the discounted trial, I was immediately charged for a full year’s membership at the rate of $59.95 on my bank-issued debit card without warning. I immediately attempted to modify the membership to reflect the desired duration time & correct cost. When this was not an option, I ended up cancelling the membership to try & reverse the escalated charge. I then reached out to the airline via their customer service line @1(801)401-2222 but got nothing but automated recordings no matter which option I selected. I also filed a complaint through the Contact us link on Spirit’s website. My concern is that the website is deceptive in its advertising practices if not downright false for this club membership trial. There was no box to select to agree to the charge amount or the duration just a button that said continue. There whole website design makes you press a button labeled continue to proceed to the next screen. The company’s website conditions the user to press continue. The user is never given a box to mark to agree to the terms or warn you that purchase & ensuing charges are imminent as most every single website which handles financial financial transactions The trial membership details can be found here: I’ve availed myself of every forum I know to resolve this from the airline, the bank, the Better Business Bureau & now the Ripoff Scams hoping to warn other people and show Spirit Airlines that social media reviews from customers matter enough for them to take action & resolve issues like this.

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