To who ever cares, I have flown for years also a former stewardess in the 70s with eastren airlines…I get no perks,jhowever I did get a good deal on flights to Atlantic city leaving this am and I tried all day today to try to get my reservation changed to save the money to use at a later date of whatever the rate may be…but I couldn’t get anywhere with a foreign speaking person that didn’t care..sad thing is we have all these unemployed Americans and all the jobs have been sent out of country..there is non compassion trying to find someone from America .i also tried to manage my reservation and the web site isnt working..would like to hear something back..I can’t help my circumstances ,please text a response i hate 800 numbers due to the fact most are telemarketers (((email redacted))). Darlene Mcmordie-Terrill

Miramar, Florida USA


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