Booked a trip to the Dominican Republic over 2 months ago for this year June 4-June 11. Perfect days, I had my work scheduled around those days as well as the other 9 people going on this trip. I get an e-mail from Spirit last night saying they changed my flight to Friday June 3rd and to Sunday June 12th. Really? Changed it by a whole day?? Not even a few hours, that would have been fine but a whole day? So now I have to use a vacation day for Friday and Monday the 13th? (Since they changed the days but not the times, still coming home at mignight Sunday instead of Saturday and still leaving at 630 am Friday instead of Saturday). nSo now, Spirit, I have to add on days to stay at the hotel which I dont want to pay for, or shorten my trip, which will also cost me. When called, they basically said oh well, we cannot help you, you can cancel for $150.00/pp. It took everything I had not to tell them to F&*% off. Thank you Spirit airlines for ruining my first time out of the country, thank you Spirit for making me NEVER fly your airline again or anyone else I know. nNow I am trying to figure out how everyone will be able to afford more days, take extra days off of work that some of us just dont have (or will be allowed to take), and whether to even go. Eff off Spirit.

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