I attended the preesentation and was very skeptical from the beginning. I was offered a gas card and a gift card for attending. Neither of which I received even after I phone the representative to let her know. I was to receive any choice of 3 vacation packages as long as I a)submitted a request within 3 months of the presentation, b)choose 3 dates that I would be able to travel and c)paid a deposit to hold my dates. I was to be notified upon receipt of deposit if my dates were accepted. After I sent my deposit, I did not hear from them again. Fast foward a few months when I thought I should be hearing something about the first date…it came and went. I called the number on the certificate only to always get a recording. The certificate was only good for 1 year. It was not possible to schedule and take a vacation when their customer service made it impossible to communicate. Just out of curosity, I entered the code on the certificate to see if anything happened…yes,I was locked out because the certifcate had reached it’s retirement!! They didn’t drag their feet on the expiration. I am out of a deposit and the time I spent trying to get answers from live people. I will definitely remain leery of the Spirit Incentives people!! All promises and no performances!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA



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