In December of 2007, an article was run in our Columbus, Ohio Catholic Times paper advertising a trip to the Holy Land from April 21-30th, 2008. Although the touring company was in California, and I am in Ohio, there was listed a Columbus Tour Coordinator and contact, so I called her. She told me to send in $250.00 as a deposit. In March, I sent in the balance of $2928 for a total of $3,178.00. About 9 days before we were to leave on the tour, I received a call from the Ohio agent, who told me the tour was cancelled, and could I go in May or July. I told her that I could not travel during either of those two times and that I would like my money refunded, as Spirit Tours policy states. She assured me I would get a refund. After about two weeks of no communications from anyone on the matter, I called Spirit Tours in CA–repeatedly. I left many messages for Regina Reinhard, the company president, telling her that my money needed to be refunded. There was never a response. So, I emailed her. Again, no response. In early May, I received a receipt in the mail stating that I had been rebooked on the July tour, (which I could not go on) and was paid in full. I wrote back to Spirit Tours immediately and told Regina again that I could not go in July. The Ohio agent then contacted Ms. Reinhard asking her to return my money, but she refused. the agent asked what she should tell me about my refund, Regina instructed her to tell me that it was “under review.”” I have still to see a penny of my money returned and have had to pursue legal action against the company. If anyone is pursuing a class action suit against Spirit Tours or would like to

please let me know through this site. nSusan xxxnColumbus

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