SPOCASE supposedly sells phone cases of different sports and teams, by the look’s of everything, they seem legit. There are photos of the cases and the prices are what you would expect, not to good to be true, or way higher than what you would expect. Their website looks legit as well. Very clean and up to date. Nothing about it made me question that it could be a fake business. I paid 25.00 USD, 18.00 for the case, and 7.00 for shipping. The information they provide says 5-10 days for shipping. When the tenth day came around I went to their Facebook page to see if anyone else had their shipping take so long. Every single review was 1 star, so I began to read them. Not one person who reviewed SPOCASE had gotten it yet. Some were on week 2-3 and some had said it had been over 3 months. Many of the reviewers also said that SPOCASE would not respond to any emails and there is no phone number to contact them either. I don’t want anybody else to fall for these people’s fake business.