Complaint: In November 2016, I responded to an add for a BOGO offer for cat treats and toys delivered to your home. The advertisement did not specify that the initial box would be a sample box, but did specify that you must sign up for a minimum of two months and could cancel after that time. I was surprised and disappointed in the intial box, which arrived in an unsealed box with a hand-written address label which caused concern. I posted a blistering post on Facebook and was directed to an FAQ page, which stated that the initial box would be a sample box and that the second box would be full size. I decided that I had been duped, but I was stuck for the next month (Buyer Beware). When I received an email stating that my order had been shipped, I sent an email requesting confirmation of cancellation going forward. I then received an email advising that I would receive a response in 48 hours. I waited a week for a response and during that time did not receive my package. My next emails requested a tracking number and confirmation of cancellation. I have, as of now, sent three emails requesting cancellation and the tracking number from the January shipment. At this point, I am looking into legal action.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: 22101 Erwin St. #P321 Woodland Hills, California USA