This all started with our dog swallowing something, or so we thought, and was in need of a vet. We called our normal Vet and was told to go to Spokane Valley Animal Hospital. Long story short! We ended up spending 600.00 dollars for 8 hours of care and wasted time and effort. They did nothing but take X rays, and give us poor medical advice. We were told by the “Vet”, I say “Vet” as Im not sure of her medical training. That our dog needed emergency surgery and we had better go to another emergency animal clinic to get this done, tonight or else. | Apon arriving at the emergency clinic the doctor there said your dog is not in distress by any means, we will watch her over night and if you choose we can do an ultrasound to better deterime what is in her stomach. | Long story short our dog was not in need of an emergency surgery, which would have costed 2000.00 dollars that night, which Spokane Valley Animal Hospital wouldnt do, thankfuly as we have wasted even more money with them. | We ended up taking our dog 48 hours after this “emergency” surgery was needed to , and for 343.00 we had the surgery done and a 2 nights stay for our dog. | Do not go to Spokane Valley Animal Hospital, unless you are in need of seperating from all logic, reason and cash. Steer clear and go to .


  • Name: Spokane Valley Animal Hospital
  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • City: Spokane Valley
  • Address: 14306 E Sprague Ave
  • Phone: 509-926-1062
  • Website: