I hired this company a little over 1 year ago to replace 2 sprinkler valves. Today I had them come out to rfeplace 2 more. Some some conisidence the one they replaced 1 year and 2 months ago starting leaking while they were here. The owner of the company did not want to honor the warrenty on the valve since it had been over 1 year. The other valves have lasted 15 years that were replaces. You would think a small bussiness work try and keep it’s customers, but the owner Steve didn’t want to work anything out, he just said basically to bad that the warrenty was over. I will never use this company again for any of my homes or reccomend them. I will say that the gentleman that came out and did the work was very nice and helpful and he also tried to talk the owner into covering the broken valve but the owen declined to do so.

none shown los angeles, California United States of America