Lied about a business deal. I refused and now i’m getting sued by Sprint


My Complaint: Sprint advertised on TV that you could have a Sprint phone service and phone for only twenty five dollars a month. If you signed up you family and friends under you, you could get your bill free. They lied. I returned my pone and all of its equipment and information still in the box. They stated that “they couldn’t take it back. I laid it on the counter and stated, “this is America and we have a law here that we can return an item called Buyers Remorse. You have three days, but I didn’t even wait twelve hours. I left my new phone and the box with everything in the box on the counter and stated, “I’m using my American laws called buyers remorse to return this phone. Everything is here and I’m leaving it here with you!” I left. The man working there stated we aren’t allowed to allow anyone to return anything. I then reminded him that this was against the law. Anyway, I had paid them almost three hundred dollars in taxes and who know what. However, Sprint refused to give me my money back. A couple of years later Sprint reported me to the credit reporting agencies and are still hounding me for seven hundred dollars. They lied. Their advertisement stated that a persons bill would only be twenty five dollars a month. One of my daughters bought the lie. Every month she paid three hundred and something a month. She kept reminding them that her bill should be twenty five dollars. They laughed at her and stated that it wouldn’t ever happen. This was just one of Sprint’s lies and cons to get people to join.


My Demand: Return my money and stop harassing me. Remove their lies from all of the credit reporting credit agencies. Now my credit rating has fallen